Monday, 1 July 2013


Its been a busy 24 hours. The Slug has been fair rushed off its own slime trail up and down to Aberdeen airport. Collecting firstly, Jungho Oak, who arrived in from Seoul last night and Agi Chen from Taipei this morning.

Working in digital print and sculpture Agi's primary focus is pop culture, cartoons in particular. Breaking down the identity of famous cartoon characters such as SpongeBob Square Pants and the Powder Puff Girls. She reconstructs them through their colours into concentric bands as shown in her reinterpretations of Batman and Spiderman below.

The Heroic Colours - MOCA, Taipei.

So far, Agi has mainly worked with American and Japanese cartoon characters. These being the most common in Taiwan, but she is keen to discover some new Scottish ones. So we may see a few monochromatic deconstructions of The Broons.

For his time at Glenfiddich, Jungho is looking to expand on his body of work known as The Sun Salutations: Surya Namaskar. – a ritual combining the ancient Korean tradition of “gosa” with Hindu practises and yoga to bestow sublimity and well wishes onto others.
As he himself explains....

This time will help me expand the meaning and the performativity of the project in a different cultural background. It will also be an interesting and unique experience to wish for happiness amongst Glenfiddich craftsmen, which could be exotic to them.'

For our coopers already used to working with both European and American oak it will indeed be interesting to see how exotic they find the Korean variety.

Finally on oak, this fine specimen at Spiney Place seems to have grown its own initial.

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