Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The 12th year begins............

This summer’s line up for the twelfth Glenfiddich Artists in Residence programme has been finalised and the first artists will be arriving shortly.

Once again the distillery will welcome and play host to eight visual artists from around the globe. Working in media ranging from digital print, filmmaking, photography, animation, performance, installation and painting it promises to be another diverse and inspiring year. As always Artists at Glenfiddich are grateful to our selection partners at IT Park, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Ontario College of Art and Design, 43 Inverness Street Gallery, Bestcollegeart and the Royal Academy for their ongoing assistance in securing such an exciting line up.

Daniel Barrow – Canada 
Over the span of many years working as an artist and live performer, former Sobey Prize winner, Daniel Barrow has developed a personal language in which video alternately coalesces with drawings on an overhead projector, with a live performer, as well as with individual audience members. Best known for creating and adapting comic book narratives to a new, "manual" form of animation by projecting, layering and manipulating drawings on mylar transparencies.
 Yuvan Bothysathuvar – India 
With an artistic career which began as a sign board artist producing hoardings for south Indian films and political banners Yuvan has vast experience in figurative painting but has developed a more expressive style over the past few years and now works exclusively in recycled materials , mainly newspaper magazines and other printed materials .
Agi Chen – Taiwan
Currently studying the Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory Department of Tainan National University of the Arts. Agi has various experiences in exhibiting in Taiwan and overseas. As an artist and a consumer of public culture, she creates a range of contemporary works with modern significance.  Since 2004 she has developed a series of works  “Function Colour” In which she transforms well known cartoon characters into geometric forms
such as centric circles through their colours, and replaces them back into their original animated backgrounds.
Jonathan Ehrenberg – USA
In his videos, Jonathan layers rough materials like plaster, cloth, and cardboard to create a textured environment that resembles a three-dimensional, habitable painting. While his sets, characters, and plots feel surreal and stylized, they also have a sense of emotional truth. The artists goal is to bring viewers into an alternate world where logic and physical laws are suspended while depictions of emotion become vivid and honest.
Marie Von Heyl – UK
Visual manifestations and symbols that result from the desire to transform over-complex realities into meaningful narratives have always been integral to Marie’s artistic practice. Of particular relevance to her are environments and objects that serve as symbols, transmitters or mediators between different states in human lives. Cult objects, fetishes, spiritual sites or mundane objects charged with meaning that surmounts mere function.
 Eric Meyenberg  - Mexico
Meyenberg’s practice is based on research, using the principal tools of history, science and language. History provides extensive inspiring source material in which to insert his aesthetic plans. A sense of place is an equally important influence through the natural and social landscape, the architecture, light and monuments of any given location.
Jungho Oak – Korea
Employing photography and video to capture his performance works and known for his provocative public interventions Jungho Oak’s explores different visual and performance strategies often combining yoga with ancient the Korean traditional practice of Gosa a ritual believed to ward off evil spirits.
Zhang Yunyao – China
Zhang Yunyao's paintings have expanded to embrace medical science, astronomy, history and many other fields, all of which feature "beauty in a morbid state, or from the dark side of society."

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