Saturday, 10 August 2013


Thursday evening saw the latest artists presentation, This time given by Yun Yao who had earlier returned from his trip to Edinburgh along with Ms Chen Xixing from the Don Gallery in Shanghai.

While he explained his approach to his art, including his use of multi layered techniques including drawing, wash and final detail, Xixing served up a wonderful array of edibles including the fiercest cucumber known to man kind. Pre cut and salted to draw the water this thermo nuclear cucurbitaceae is then marinated in sugar, rice vinegar and soy sauce before being served with a smothering of fried chilli peppers and spiced oil.
To balance the fire of the cucumber we also enjoyed some moon cake being close to the right time of year to traditional enjoy this special celebration cake.

An added bonus to the evening was bumping into Michelle as we made our way into town for the Ceilidh. Michelle was on the last leg of one her popular whisky walks held weekly over the summer months. As the name suggests a fair amount of walking and drinking whisky is involved, and so for once, being in the right place at the right time  was rewarded by a cheeky wee dram.

Having gone on a distillery tour earlier on in the day Xixing asked if she might visit the cooperage the next morning, where as a special thank you for the cucumber she was allowed to sniff some casks.

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