Monday, 5 August 2013


Now that we are two months in to the residency period last week seemed a good point to take a few days off before getting too tangled up with preparations for our first exhibition opening at the end of this month.

However it was straight back in to the saddle on Saturday morning when Jon, Maria, Agi, Yunyao and Erick joined me in a road trip to Jupiter Artland just outside Edinburgh.

Set in the glorious estates surrounding Bonnington House, Jupiter Artland is the brainchild of Robert and Nicky Wilson. Who over the past few years have invited leading contemporary artists to create new sculptural works to be displayed in the grounds.

Saturdays event held as part of the Edinburgh Visual Arts Festival, celebrated the latest work to join the collection, Sara Barker's 'Patterns'. In addition to this and the other permanent sculptural works the days event included two works by Jeremy Deller, in collaboration with Ed Hall and Alan Kane, 'Procession' and 'Steam Powered Internet Machine'  Musical entertainment was provided by another of Deller's long term collaborators, Manchester's Steel Harmony who gave their own Caribbean flavour to songs by fellow Manchurians Joy Division and the Buzzcocks. 

With all the artist gang staying over in Edinburgh for a couple of days it was a quiet drive back to Dufftown where it remains quiet with only Daniel, Marie and Florian on site. It's almost like still being on holiday...

Which reminds me of a joke.....

There are these two cows standing in a field...... which one is going on holiday/

The one with the wee calf.

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