Wednesday, 21 August 2013


You can't make an omelette without  breaking eggs. So now that it has been decided what work by whom is going where for our first exhibition, its time to get cracking. With both Daniel and Jonathan showing filmed works as part of their presentations, first job in the gallery has been to get the screens, DVD players and all the relevant cables in place.

Jonathan is working right up to the wire, and is still out shooting footage to be included in the final edit. Recently this has involved a wheelbarrow, a small generator, lights and props all being carted up a hillside for a late night visit to Auchindoun Castle. Over the past couple of weeks the scope of his work has expanded and will now be a two channel video.  

Its been a good few weeks in the making but Erick has now finished construction of his colossal installation in the gallery back room. He now has to put the finishing touches to the audio and lighting that accompany the piece.

So it has been long days for everyone as the first deadline approaches but there is always some time for socialisation. Agi is currently playing host to three old art school friends including former Glenfiddich Artist in Residence, Wu ChiTsung, who was last here way back in 2006. So last night brought a happy reunion as we all shared a special meal. Taking fusion cooking to the ultimate extreme, merging together a Taiwanese favourite - spicy hot pot, with two staples of a Scottish fried breakfast, sausage and black pudding. The black pudding apparently made a good substitute for the pigs blood usually included in the spicy soup base.

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