Wednesday, 18 September 2013


The leaves on the trees haven't yet quite started to turn, but every day the swallows and martins can be seen in increasing numbers lining up on the telephone wires getting ready for the off. The chill of the early morning certainly has a back end of the year feel to it and there is no surer sign that the seasons are on the turn than runs to Aberdeen airport with departing artists.

Yesterday was it Erick's turn for the trip back home which, means exchanging the last three months of Dufftown life for the slightly more hectic pace of Mexico City. This airport run would have usually been taken in the sssssSlug, but in another sign of the time of year it has been steadfastly refusing to start in the mornings, so is off to the garage for a battery health check and MOT. Instead the trip was taken in a very futuristic new hire car that plays a little tune each time you get in. And has a dashboard layout with a more than a passing resemblance to Opitmus Prime. However as yet the button that causes the transformation to take place is still to be found. As is the one to turn the bloody tune off.

Meanwhile for the artists still at Glenfiddich the end of term may be in sight but with the second exhibition opening in just over a week there is still much to be done.
This final exhibition of the 2013 residency will contain works by Agi Chen, Marie Von Heyl, Jungho Oak and Zhang Yunyao. The first exhibition remains open for viewing until this coming Sunday 22nd Sept.                                                                                      

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