Thursday, 12 September 2013


Although all the visitors to Glenfiddich are special we did have an extra special occasion for one pair who had come all the way from Toronto.

A few months ago and old friend of the residency programme, Jay McDonell, was in touch saying he would be over in September with his girlfriend Sidney. Jay was first here back in 2006 when he travelled with that years Canadian artist in residence Annie Pootoogook. Annie at that time had only limited experience of life away from her community on Baffin island, and so Jay who was working for The Pat Fearly Gallery at the time came over as a sort of human comfort blanket for Annie.

For this visit Jay had asked if I could suggest a local B&B for the couple of nights they would be staying and to book himself and Sidney onto one of our Pioneer tours. Of course I was delighted to help out on both counts and as there was housing on site available we were able to put them up in mains of Balvenie.

The trip had a certain significance as Jay felt after some years of 'courting' the time was right to offer Sidney the opportunity to make a honest man of him. And so Jay had one extra request, did I think it possible he could 'pop' the question up at Balvenie Castle? I felt it was and a quick chat with the custodians confirmed that indeed it was.

There is always an element of bravery in making such a public declaration but I am happy to say that it was an offer Sidney could not refuse and so all that is left is to raise a glass to the happy couple

To Jay and Sidney

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