Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Late summer sunshine has greeted our special guests from Mexico who have spent a whirlwind couple of days here at Glenfiddich. Comprising of arts, culture, fashion lifestyle and travel editors the group were treated to tours of both the Glenfiddich and Balvenie Distilleries as well as spending some time with Erick.

Erick was able to give an insight to the processes behind his residency research project. Entitled 'The Black Spirit' it examines relationships between industrialisation and natural landscape. The project has so far resulted in two new works, 'Valley of the Deer' - as pictured behind Erick above - and 'Cancer', a ominous towering installation sited in a darkened room just off the main gallery.

Meanwhile back in the sunshine, Jungho was making hay, well straw to be exact. Today was harvest day for the barley field where Mr Scarecrow has stood since mid July. With his head now severely bashed from the Kendo blessings bestowed by Jungho each morning. His job is now done.

On standby since early light this morning Jungho was finally able to captured the last act for his work as the crop was combined and the scarecrow relieved from its duty.

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