Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Now that the artist gang is growing, they have been getting out and about and really getting to know their way around the site. Something that makes The Glenfiddich Distillery different from most other distillers is that we don't just distil spirit here, we also mature and bottle all on the same site. So there is plenty to see.

For example we have our own dedicated cooperage where our team of coopers, under the supervision of head cooper Ian Mac Donald, tend to the casks that will mature the Glenfiddich spirit over the coming years.

The cooperage and its workers have already proved to be a popular place of inspiration for many former residents including, Matthew Sandager, Zhang Qing, and Dathini Mzayiya to name a few. Examples of their work as well as others from the past few years can all be found at -

Meanwhile those of you following the bin lifting schedule in Dufftown will be interested to know we had a double collection this week with green, blue and pink bins all being emptied on the same day.

Typical ... you wait all week then two come along at once !

Following on from a topic at the last FIRE CLUB, Daniel Barrow kindly unearthed this gem on you tube which proves Liberace did indeed star in an episode of the classic 1960 series 'Batman'. That not only features the departed tinkler of the ivories playing himself and his evil twin brother but also includes a cameo by three members of the Glenfiddich Tour guide team.

happy viewing !

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