Sunday, 16 June 2013


Two weeks ago local authority cost saving measures saw the clock faces being removed from Dufftown's famous clock tower in a, some might say hair brained attempt to meet budget shortfalls. With the town now declared a time free zone it is hoped inflation will remain static allowing the councils increasingly restricted budgets to in fact reverse and rise in real terms to provide  sufficient funds to cover all the local services they are responsible for.
Unfortunately over the week and a half since the clock faces went, this  fool hardy tinkering with the very fabric of the universe has brought about serious consequences. Time is now running backwards on itself within a three mile radius of the clock tower as these  pictures taken only this day of the town's railway station clearly show.

Even more worryingly it would appear that some sort of chronological whirlpool effect is also at play dragging back with it random objects. thereby creating a series of anachronisms, which is the only logical explanation as to why a 1950s radio truck is present in the 1940's
Of course this disruption to the rule of time also played havoc with Daniel's birthday on Thursday meaning it was only marked a couple of days later at last nights FIRE CLUB.....on the positive side though Daniel is now another year younger.

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