Saturday, 8 June 2013


Another big Highland hello to our latest arrival Daniel Barrow. Daniel got in to Dufftown late on Wednesday night after a short stay in Croatia where he had been performing his live projection/animation to audiences in Zagreb and Split.

Since then Daniel has been getting settled into the house which will be his home for the next three months. Early challenges including none of his power adaptors working and a surplus of sticky stuff on his drawing board - the residue of package tape from shipping - have been over come and most importantly he has been issued with the all protecting cloak of safety that is the Glenfiddich site visitors Hi-Viz jacket.

Meanwhile Jonathan Erhenberg has been out and about on site in his relevant PPE seeing the process of making Glenfiddich single malt first hand and is putting all his new found whisky knowledge to good use in this piece from Blouinartinfo....

...and as the sun is still shining down on Dufftown I feel it now safe to put the snow shovel back in the shed and convene the first of the seasons FIRE CLUB. Now generally what goes on at FIRE CLUB stays at FIRE CLUB, but tonight's topics may or may not include when or when not to include the letter e in the word whisky


  1. Another artist named Daniel? We're taking over the distillery. Muahahaha!

  2. That's a scary thought indeed Mr Z....