Thursday, 13 June 2013


Or garbage day if you prefer....

There are so many little things for new residents to grips with once they have arrived. Things us full time Dufftowner's might take for granted. The absence of night time darkness, the lifting action of the handle needed when locking house doors, and most complicated of all..... what day do the bins go out?

It seems pretty straight forward, or it used to be, but waste stream segregation was introduced recently and now every household in the area has 4 brightly coloured wheelie bins and an orange tub. The tub is for glass - jars, bottles. Pink for tins and plastic. blue for card and paper. brown is compostable waste and the old style green one for general rubbish.

Now, my bins are kept at the top of the road where they are picked up, as I have to take my waste to them, consequently I have no idea which bin is picked when?

I believe green is every other week, with blue and pink bins together and the brown one being picked up separately once a month on the alternating weeks between the green collection. The orange tub is picked up weekly.

Also I live just out of town so my collection day used to be different from the town itself, but now it is the same...possibly. This is a Monday, or perhaps a Tuesday? It could even be that the green bins are picked up on a different day of the week from the other ones? I really do not know any more. Its just not a problem as it's some thing I don't really need to know, except at the houses used by the artists it is a problem as the bins need to be taken to the roadside for collection the night before and its knowing what day they need to be there .....

Therefore we are currently having a controlled experiment at the farm house where Jon and Maria are staying. All four bins and the tub (each with something in them - correctly segregated of course) have been sitting at the gateway since Monday to be checked daily. We could have phoned the council but this seemed a quicker and less fussy way.

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