Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Introducing the Glenfiddich Artists in Residence personnel carrier, formerly the Glenfiddich Visitor Centre VIP wagon. It is otherwise fittingly known as the Slug....
Jam packed with electrical gadgets, this brute was at time of purchase thought to be the best thing since deep fried mars bars. Until it started stopping to start that was. Now being an automatic such challenges could not be met by simply parking on a steep brae* or getting a push start from several burly still men. Along with power doors that have minds of their own and a ride quality of a whale in a wheel barrow with a flat tire on the twisting country roads around the distillery, the shine quickly wore off.

In spite of all that I quite like it. In the 5 months since being pressganged into AIR service the Slug has only stopped starting 3 times, had a windscreen wiper fly off and only once engaged the starter motor while the engine was already running. So its not doing too bad really.

The Slug even made it's way to Horatio Jnr Gallery, London and back recently transporting works for the final exhibition of  >> FORWARDTHINKING.  A touring group show curated by former Glenfiddich resident Tim Ellis, which had left London the previous year to spend the summer in the highlands.

So fingers crossed the Slug can hold out for the next few days. it has a busy time ahead with Yun Yao, Agi, Jungho and Yuvan  all due in by Monday.

* a hill

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