Monday, 15 July 2013


Today was spent in the affable company of Mr Ian Millar, the Glenfiddich global brand ambassador. Having been in the Scotch whisky industry almost all his working life, including a stint as distillery manager here at Glenfiddich. Ian has a great wealth of knowledge which he is more than happy to share. Each year we set a day aside to take the residents around the local area giving them some locational experience to the story of William Grant, the distilleries founder, and for the Class of 2013 that day was today.

First stop was up the Conval hills overlooking the distillery to visit the Robbie Dhu spring, the source of the natural spring water used to make Glenfiddich. A quick tour round Dufftown saw us take in locations central to the life of William Grant, such as the cottage he was born in, the house he and his family stayed while building Glenfiddich. And Mortlach distillery where he spent twenty years learning his trade while saving the money he would need to realise his dream - to make the best dram in the valley.

Lunch was followed by a distillery tour before Ian cracked open a few bottles from the Glenfiddich range to introduce the residents to their subtle variations in nose and flavour. On offer were our 12, 15 and 18 year old expressions, unfortunately he was unable to locate any of our 21 year old, so had to make do with a 30 year old instead.

aye some days it's a sair fecht.

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