Saturday, 6 July 2013


After a few days off Summer has again returned to Dufftown ! Now that we all know not to look at the sun, making it self conscious and going away to hide we are hoping it will stick around for a bit. its reappearance came just in time for last night's FIRE CLUB & Scottish BBQ which was sorely needed after a hectic week.
The disappointing news that Yuvan had for the second time, been refused a visa came through from India on Thursday morning. It would appear that we can thank the potent combination of British regulation and Indian  bureaucracy for again finding the most slight technicality in his application as ground for refusal. However working to the old adage of 'Third time lucky' a fresh application is underway. So for now at least no square sausage for Yuvan.
As if to compete with the morning, Thursday afternoon got in on the act when the Slug was back to its old 'starting to stop starting' tricks and saw an unscheduled extra hours stop over in Elgin's Asda car park for the happy artist shoppers. This also turned out to be a bit of a Mini Adventure for Craig 'Countryman' Buchan our Finance Leader at Glenfiddich who raced up to our rescue with a set of jump leads.
On a positive note though the new Artists in Residence Personal Protective Equipment was given its first field trail this week.

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