Sunday, 14 July 2013


The thermometer continued to climb this week as Dufftown basked in glorious summer sunshine, streaming down from a cloudless blue sky. So it was a very warm welcome indeed to Marie Von Heyl and her husband, Florian who arrived on Wednesday. Marie who only just graduated from the Royal Academy in London becomes our fifth resident to be selected from that hallowed institution.
Employing a mixed media practise that includes drawing, collage, film and text. Marie, who describes her work as being an attempt to 'trace the uncanny and tap into the absurd'
is intending to use her residency investigating spaces that function only to allow the passing of time: Waiting rooms. Such as to be found be at train or bus stations, health clinics, dentists etc. Equally reception areas for offices, hotels and visitor centres could also be seen as types of waiting rooms. As are in a sense are the distillery warehouses, providing as they do a constant, passive environment allowing the passage of time to flow in a quiet and undisturbed fashion as the casks of maturing spirit they house sit and wait....
The fine weather saw artists break out of the confines of the studio and enjoy the sunshine. Jon chose to make al fresco art while Jungho went for a walk with his new friend.

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