Sunday, 21 July 2013


With exception of Yuvan - who is just embarking on his third and hopefully successful visa application - all of this summers residents are now at Glenfiddich and so the weekly presentations have begun.

First up on the rota were Agi and Daniel, who both took turns to give a short introduction to their working practises. Agi chose to share the evolution of the cartoon colour series of works she has developed since 2006. While Daniel performed excerpts from an existing work 'Everytime I see your picture I cry'  

The social nature of the week was continued when the artists cohort enjoyed another AiR tradition: the welcome dinner in the distilleries Robbie Dhu Centre. Joining the artists were Stuart Watts, the site leader at Dufftown, Libby Lafferty, our head of Scottish PR, who is also based at the distillery and Peter and Griz Gordon.

Peter is a fifth generation descendant of William Grant and former Chariman of William Grant and Sons. He is also very much part of the residencies heart and soul, being responsible for the programmes inception back in 2002.

As Peter has pointed out in the past, the notion of a distillery being central to the production of new creative works is not alien. Distillers, more than most, truly understand the virtue of patience, of giving some thing time to develop fully.

Not such a fanciful notion really as this short video demonstrates

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