Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Now that we are a good month into the programme everyone is finding their own rhythm and settling into working routines. For Daniel this is a pretty ordered discipline which sees his days being divided between time at the drawing board and long walks in the surrounding hills, developing the narrative and visualisation of the presentation that will complete his residency in just over six weeks time.
On the surface at least his approach is miles away from that of Jon, who - from the pile of packages that arrive for him daily - would seem to stay up all night ordering more things to join the growing collection of objects he has amassed over the past five weeks. This eclectic grouping includes, a full set of armour complete with shield swords and crossbow, half a cask, numerous small brightly coloured plastic balls, one sack each of cask bungs and bung cloots*, lengths of cane, threaded steel bar and a bag of pigs eye balls from the butchers.
Yet it is from this chaos that also his final work will arise as it is transformed from just being random stuff into costumes, props and sets for his proposed film.

For our newer arrivals the priority has been to get their studio/working areas set up and begin the process of gathering the source material which will inform the final direction of their projects here.
This morning was spent with Jungho scouting round the distillery to find suitable locations for his photo shoot before heading to Elgin for a tour round the charity shops, buying clothes for the scarecrow that will be a prop in his forthcoming work.....
* a square of hessian sack cloth used as a seal between the bung and cask

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